Welcome to Terra Nova

Fox has finally released a behind the scenes featurette for its upcoming pilot for Terra Nova, the much delayed, much anticipated science fiction series.

Terra Nova is about a community of people who, in order to escape the overpopulation of a future Earth, travel back in time to an era before human development.

To make sure they’ve gone back far enough to avoid disturbing the current human population, they head  to pre-cataclysm days when massive dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

The show will depict the dangers and hardships of living with dinosaurs and other pre-historic features.

This video focuses on the filming of the welcome speech given by Steven Lang’s Character, Nathaniel Taylor, upon the arrival of a new group of settlers, the series protagonists among them. We also get some background points of view from the crew and actors.

Because of the difficulties with the shooting and post-production, the first season of Terra Nova will only boast 12 episodes – including the double-episode premier, so 13 total TV hours. Though the initial contract stipulates 22 episodes for the second season, the show might continue with a reduced number of episodes as it progresses.