Weiner hack embarrasses outspoken congressman

Truthfully, I’m really not sure how New York Rep. Anthony Weiner didn’t see this one coming – but hey, what do I know?

Yes, it seems as if the outspoken politician fell victim to an age-old “weiner gag” on Saturday night, after an unknown hacker took control of his Twitter account and sent a photograph of a man from the waist down wearing nothing but underwear to an innocent college student in Seattle. 

“Tivo shot. FB hacked. Is my blender gonna attack me next? The wiener gags never get old, I guess,” Weiner’s office told Politico.

“At a time when the GOP is playing games with the debt limit, and middle class incomes are stagnant, many want to change the subject. I don’t. This was a prank, and a silly one. I’m focused on my work.”

Fortunately, the embarrassing incident is unlikely to dissuade Weiner from er, disseminating his usual stream of tweets, as the New York Rep. says Twitter is now part of his “morning constitutional, with the New York Times, the tabloids [and] e-mail.”

However, the indomitable Weiner has retained an attorney to advise him on “what civil or criminal actions should be taken” against the unknown prankster.

And what of Gennette Nicole Cordova, the college student in Washington state who was allegedly the intended recipient of the photograph?

Well, Cordova told the New York Daily News she has never “never been to New York or [even] D.C.”

“There have never been any inappropriate exchanges between Anthony Weiner and myself, including the tweet/picture in question, which had apparently been deleted before it reached me…”

So, umm, would you like some ketchup with that?