WB showcases Supernatural trailers

Warner Bros. recently showcased the trailer for Season 7 of Supernatural at Comic-Con 2011. It features a freaky Cass as God scene and some dialog which explains a bit of the seasons over-arc.

It seems like we’re going to finally get some solid information about the figure of God as it relates to the Supernatural mythology, something I’ve been wondering about and looking forward to since the whole angel thing was introduced a few years back.

We also get some quick glimpses which suggest that some Cthuluu mythology is going to play a part in the new season. There is a shot of a blod-spatterd manuscript with Lovecraft’s name on it, and Dean reading what seems to be a Cthulu comicbook.

I just hope they don’t do any more time-travel episodes. They always turn out so goofy, and not the good kind of goofy-episode goofy, but unintentionally ridiculous goofy.

Earlier in the show, Warner Bros. showed off the trailer for Supernatural: The Animated Series (which we have over here, if you don’t remember it). The announcement of the showing was apparently greeted with groans, and the jeering just got worse as the video played.

Clearly, the greater Warner Bros. audience has little interest in S:TAS. I wonder if it would have gotten a better reception if they’d waited and played it at the WB event, alongside the above video, rather than the Warner Bros. main event.

Supernatural Season 7 debuts on WB September 16. The Animated Series is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD next month.