TwitPic founder teases Twitter with new social network launch

Would you join a new social network, with all the hassle that entails, just to save yourself from having to click a button to refresh your stream of tweets?

Thought not. 

But that really seems to be the only difference between Twitter and Heello, the new social media site from Noah Everett, the founder of photo sharing website TwitPic.

Of course, it’s more than possible that it’s all just a joke – a way of retaliating against Twitter for introducing its own photo-sharing feature recently. Who knows, maybe Instagram and Yfrog are planning on doing the same.

Because the differences between Heello and Twitter seem to be purely ones of nomenclature. The two sites look almost identical.

Messages on Heello are restricted to 140 characters; and users can send messages to each other by adding the @ symbol to the other user’s name.

But tweets are called ‘pings’, re-tweets are called ‘echoes’ and users ‘listen’ and ‘unlisten’ rather than following or unfollowing another user.

All that’s really different is that Heello’s timeline updates instantly and automatically – which frankly makes me feel quite dizzy.

The one good thing to be said about the site is that it’s led to a bit of a land-grab for interesting user names. So, for example, we have @MarkZuckerberg declaring: “Just so we’re clear, Facebook is NOT giving out your phone numbers and I did NOT sleep with that woman.”

@Biz, though, is completely blank.