Twettle kettle tweets you when it boils

A British start-up is looking for a half-million-dollar investment to market its new invention – a kettle that tweets you to tell you when it’s boiled.

Its designers are shameless about how the device came to be. “We needed to exploit some trends while we had the chance, number one on the list – Twitter,” says co-designer Murat Mutlu. “But how could we jump on this bandwagon?”

The Twettle is Wifi enabled, with a small input screen on the base allowing the user to select their network and, if necessary, enter a WEP key.

It not only tells you when it’s time for tea, but also keeps you updated on just how much you’ve already had, and how much energy you’ve used.

“I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a bloody lovely kettle,” says Mutlu.

One thing that isn’t so great is the price. Mutlu reckons it’s currently costing out at around $350 – which is why he’s after investment to be able to buy components in greater bulk and get the price down.

The idea isn’t perhaps as original as the designers think. Back in 1991, the first webcam on the internet was trained on a coffee pot in the computer science department at Cambridge University.

The idea was to save the scientists the disappointment of trekking down to it and finding it empty.