Trailer released for Batman: Year One animated film

One of the greatest superhero graphic novels of all time will receive its animated adaptation soon.

There hasn’t been a lot of news about this film since an initial announcement a few months back, but it seems progress has been swift, and the movie will be ready to go in time for its long-awaited premier at Comic-Con in SanDiego in a couple of weeks.


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Batman: Year One is probably one of the most influential graphic novels of our time, and is likely a major catalyst for a lot that has been going on in the comic world over the last few years.

Of course the novel had its own causes and influences – it wouldn’t have been possible without the success of Watchmen (published only a year before), which itself wouldn’t have worked without its own storied influences.

Still, this is the book which sparked the modern resurgence of interest in Batman – though a little delayed, and through Batman, interest in all superhero properties.

Batman Begins, the first of the modern DC Comics films, was based partly on the novel, by which I mean it followed the tones and themes of the book, if not the actual specific events.

Similar to Superman’s Birthright, this book covers the new canon version of the Batman origin story from the death of his parents through his first fights with criminals on the street, ending with the discovery of The Joker, and the ironic hope that costumed villains do not become a thing.

The film will also include a new short animated story featuring Catwoman, though she’s not a character in Year One.

Batman: Year One will premier at Comic-Con on July 22nd.