Torchwood: Miracle Day behind-the-scenes featurette released

Interested in a few more Torchwood spoilers?

Starz today released an eleven-minute featurette which goes into the details of the production and actors, commenting on each of the plot-lines and characters which the story will follow.

Each actor gets their say along-side the producers of the show, and some plot details are revealed.

The big plot spoiler we get here is that Torchwood will have to work completely unsupported, and when they arrive on the scene, the other characters had assumed that Torchwood was a sort of an urban legend.

We also get a look at how the series will be formatted. The series seems like it will follow about five distinct plot-lines with each its own POV character. This is vastly differnt from past Torchwood seasons, which only followed the Torchwood agents.

Here we get Gwen and Jacks’ story of course, but there is also the story of a doctor working within the system, trying to help the newly immortal people, a CIA desk agent learning to become a field agent, a death-row inmate who doesn’t die when executed, and an assassin whom we’ve seen very little about so far.

The focus of this featurette seems to be less about the action, though it shows lots of actions sequences in between interview clips, and more about just how dire and dramatic the series will be, exploring lots of dark corners of humanity and mortality.

“We’ve got terrible, terrible statements about human nature and beautiful, beautiful statements about human nature as well,” says series producer, Russell T Davies.

If you haven’t already heard: Torchwood, a Doctor Who spin-off, has been a BBC production for a few years, but starting with this story, it has been picked up by Hollywood production company Starz, and the new base of Torchwood will be Los Angeles.

Barrowman and Myles are returning to the cast as Capt. Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper, and a few other secondary characters who survived Torchwood: Children of Earth will also be back.

Joining them will be Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, Arlene Tur, and Bill Pullman.

The plot will center on a strange immortality, which seems to have struck the entire world at once. At first seen as a miracle – thus the subtitle of the series – it soon becomes a nightmare, as the hundreds of thousands of people who are supposed to be dying each day around the world are quickly starting to overbalance food supplies and other resources.

Gwen and Jack team up with the CIA to solve the mystery of this “curse,” which will span ten-episodes.

Torchwood: Miracle Day is slated to premier on July 8, 2011 via Starz.