Thundercats are on the loose!

Warner Bros. has confirmed that its new reboot of Thundercats will be hitting the Cartoon Network this summer.

Thundercats is one of the most recognizable, incredicampy fantasy cartoons out of the 80’s up there with, yes, He-Man and Voltron.

The announcement came along-side this  official synopsis:

Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats! Ho!! On Third Earth, the kingdom of Thundera is being threatened by the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra, and Lion-O, the young heir to the throne, embarks on a great quest to take his rightful place as king. The unlikely champion must work with his faithful comrades Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, WilyKit, WilyKat, and his loyal pet, Snarf, who join him on his journey to save their world from darkness. From Warner Bros. Animation (WBA), ThunderCats is executive produced by Sam Register (Teen Titans, Ben 10, The Looney Tunes Show), with Michael Jelenic (Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Wonder Woman) and Ethan Spaulding (Avatar: The Last Airbender) producing.

Excepting the names involved, this could be a description of the original series from over two decades ago. Those names are pretty significant, though.

With Register, Jelenic, and Spaulding all on board for at least the first season, we can likely expect a lot more incredible, and a lot less camp from the new show. The only thing that could sabotage this effort is if the team clashes in the background, as I can only imagine these folks have got some pretty strong creative personalities.

In preparation for the premier, Cartoon Network’s more nostalgic sister station, Boomerang, will be running a marathon of the original Thundercats series on July 16-17, and Cartoon Network itself will be airing nine of those episodes during Comic-con this year, where Thundercats will have a large presence. Afterward, Boomerang will continue to show the classic series in a Monday evening time-slot.

Also, will be getting a free Thundercart’s flash game, Thundera Run, which premiers on 18 July.

The new Thundercat’s series premiers on Cartoon Network on Friday August 5th at 8:30pm, and will hold that prime time-slot going forward.