Thor clip, TV spots revealed at WonderCon

This weekend at WonderCon, Marvel showcased two TV spots for Thor, which give us a bit more action.

Earlier in the weekend, we got a look at a short Thor clip, in which we saw some of the secondary characters, and their goofy interactions.

Then, more recently, we’ve gotten to see the planned TV spots for Thor, which, while only about 30 seconds long apiece show more of the type of action that will be in the film.

In these trailers we get to see more of the nature of Thor’s enemies, and a little bit more of the Asgardian landscape, but most telling is the attitude of the Thor character.

He seems to be the rebel bad-boy type, which doesn’t fit quite with his comicbook equal, but I suppose that’s appropriate considering the overstretched Playboyism of Tony Stark in the Ironman movies.

I think the film is shaping up well, and these trailers do their job. I’m itching to see this movie, which comes out in about a month.