Theatrical trailer for DC’s New 52 revealed

DC has revealed the TV spot and theatrical trailer for their relaunch of all of their mainstream lines, an event they’ve been calling The New 52.

LA Times has the exclusive reveal, and unfortunately they’re not sharing, so you have to go over there to watch it, but come right back because they have their story a bit wrong.

You’ll see there is a 30-second spot and a 2-minute spot – there is nothing in the 30-seconds spot which isn’t in the other.

LA Times believes the shorter spot is for the movie theaters and that the longer one will only appear on the web. This contradicts the press release from DC (and advertising convention in general).

Unless, of course, LA Times also has a change in plans on exclusive – but this really wouldn’t make much sense. The 30 second spot is for television broadcast, while the 2-minute spot will be the one showing up in theaters.

The spot shows a series of slickly animated stills from covers and insides of the #1 issues which will be coming out next month – starting with Justice League #1 on August 31st. Expect the marketing for The New 52 to ramp up over the next few week in general, as we approach the important release dates.

The plan is to bring more fans on board with the various franchises, by creating a point where new readers, and old readers who have fallen out of the hobby can jump in without feeling lost.