The videos and spoilers of the Dark Knight Rises

Pittsburgh is currently the home of many of the scenes currently being filmed for Dark Knight Rises, the conclusion to the Nolan Batman film trilogy, and it seems like the whole city is in a hustle to spoil the plot for the rest of us.

There are many videos now on YouTube depicting the filming, and many more photos of the set on blogs and photo hosting sites across the ‘Net.

It’s rare to see the populace paying such close attention to nearby filming, but this is a special case, since it’s not in Southern California – where everyone is used to movies being filmed all over the place – and it’s part of an extremely popular film franchise.

Here are some of the more interesting  videos which have appeared:

Christian Bale as Batman and Tom Hardy as Bane practicing their fight choreography in front of city hall.

There are also clips of the Batmobile roaming around the streets of the city.

Of course, there are much more such images and videos across the web, but they all amount to the same thing.

They might give out a little bit of the plot, but mostly what they do is show a bit of what it takes to make a film.

Sometimes we don’t think about the sheer amount of effort that goes into every scene of a major Hollywood production, and the number of people needed to make it all work is just staggering.

Dark Knight Rises is slated to hit theaters July 20, 2012.