The theft of Green Lantern New Guardians #1

All your rings are belong to Rayner.

Green Lantern: New Guardians is a new title from DC launched as part of the New 52.

This line depicts the rebooted story of Kyle Rayner. The mythology of the Guardians and the lanterns is not reset, but Kyle has never heard of them before at the beginning of this first issue.

It almost seems like an alternate timeline to the other new Green Lantern stuff.

One guardian has survived a terrible attack on Oa. The remaining ring in his possession chooses a new wielder, and he follows the ring to earth, to an out of work cartoonist with the will to keep trying, despite constant failure.

He learns very quickly, and though he seems to be working in the shadow of more famous Green Lanterns, his cartoonist mind adapts well to the creativity needed to be a Lantern.

The complication comes when other rings – one of each color – start abandoning their owners, seemingly chosen at random across the universe, and selecting Kyle Rainer instead. The other Lantern organizations quickly jump to conclusions about the disappearance of the rings and arrive on Earth to confront the thief.

This is a particularly compelling story with interesting implications.

These Lantern organizations are all going to have to work together to figure out what is going on with the rings.

It’s a macro-cosmic mystery with a myriad of complications, and a cast of players who will not be able to get along with one another.

I’m looking forward to the efforts and developments of each representative as their characters and mythologies grow deeper.

The artwork here is outstanding. It sets itself apart, even from the other New 52 as a classic look with a few broken conventions on the side to make sure that no one is too comfortable.

After the disappointment of Green Lantern #1, and – to a lesser extent – Green Lantern Corp #1, I think I’m going to be getting my future Green Lantern fix in this line.

Green Lantern: New Guardians is available wherever you pick up comics, including the comiXology store.