The sins of Green Lantern #1

Green Lantern is one of DC’s New 52 relaunch titles. Last week, we got a fresh #1, but it doesn’t really feel #1-ish to me.

In this version, Hal is no longer a Green Lantern, and he discusses the fact with Carol Ferris, who alludes to her own past existence as superhero.

Things are going on in the world, and Hal wants to help, but without the green ring, he has little chance to do much. After getting in trouble with the law for trying to break up a fight, he spends the book lamenting times past.

Meanwhile, the Guardians have decided to release Sinestro, to allow him to bring order back to his assigned sector, where he begins to take out his former Yellow followers, which are numerous.

The issue here is that it’s too much old story, and not enough new story. The point of the New 52 is to relaunch the titles, all with new origins, new costumes, and new attitudes, but this book reads more like a plot exposition.

A recap to get new readers caught up, rather than a new, fresh start to the tale. It’s made worse by the apparent conflict with Justice League #1. I figure that the two stories are likely in different time periods, but Green Lantern #1 would have to be taking place decades after Justice League #1 in order to make any sense, and that might be too much for me to take.

I love Green Lantern as a hero, and when I saw his depiction in Justice League, I was really excited to see this new version of Hal in his own revamped series, but I’ve been let down.

Perhaps the relaunch part of the tale will be explained as the arc picks up, but, for now, color me disappointed in the title.

Green Lantern #1 can be picked up wherever you buy comics, including the ComiXology store.