The return in the return of Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13’s new season premiered this past week, and while the show is still on track as one of the best sci-fi series on television, this particular resolution was a bit disappointing.

At the end of last season, Myka was seen driving away in sadness, disillusioned by her recent adventures for the Warehouse.

It seemed like they were retiring the character. Many viewers were disappointed at the loss.

Soon after, they announced a ‘replacement’ in Aaron Ashmore, a surprising choice, since it would remove the romantic sub-plot of the series.

We all should have realized right then that Myka would not be gone for long. If she was going to be, they would have replaced her with another leggy female.

Soon after, we had confirmation though, as Joanne Kelly, the actor who plays Myka had been reported to have signed on for another season. I expected that this meant she would be showing up in some sort of advisory or secondary role for a little while, then perhaps return to the role of field agent after at least a few episodes with the new character.

As we now know, this was wrong. Myka rejoined the organization after only one episode without her, and even that episode didn’t really not have Myka in it, so really he leaving at the end of last season was either just a cheap, meaningless cliffhanger or else an excuse to introduce a new field agent without really getting rid of the old one.

This was a bit disappointing. I’m glad to see that Myka is back, as she was an interesting character, but when I saw her in the geeky glasses in the bookstore, I was looking forward to seeing her be an advisor to the team for a few episodes.

This cheap ploy doesn’t lessen the potential for the show to be one of the most compelling on television. I’m willing to call it a fluke in the progression of the show’s development.

Warehouse 13 airs Monday nights on Syfy.