The Premium Hulu Add-ons Every Customer Should Try

With the advent of online streaming websites and apps, viewers have now switched on to online streaming medium from their cable TV subscription. Hulu is one such on demand service, which provides users with curated media content which they can view at their own time and convenience. The icing on the cake is Hulu has now started their live TV service, which has some of the best channels on Hulu.

Cable TV is hell expensive in the US, so opting for Hulu seems a good option for Americans. However, this comes with no surprise that Hulu has every now and then upgraded its medium trying to enforce various channels and shows in its library. Now with the official announcement Hulers can enjoy Premium add ons, which everyone would desire for.

Popular add-ons: HBO Comes on Hulu


HBO ignited the cord cutting back in 2014. It is the most premium popular service added to Hulu recently. Even if you have basic membership plan with Hulu, you can enjoy the premium services available at an extra cost. HBO is in huge demand, thanks to Game of Thrones that stream exclusively on HBO. This comes as great news as HBO is coming up with new seasons of their popular TV series Game of Thrones and Ballers. To avail the HBO on Hulu you just need to pay $14.99 extra.

Not only the subscribers would have access to HBO, they would also be able to access HBO Now. In future Hulu is in talks for access of HBO family, HBO Zone, HBO 2, HBO Comedy and many more. Currently HBO airs Silicon Valley, Veep, The Sopranos, Big Little lies etc. The movies list comprises of Suicide Squad, The Boss and X-Men: Apocalypse to name a few.


With the premium add on of Showtime 2 years back in 2015, Huluers are able to gain access to all the programs like Masters of Sex, Ray Donovan, Homeland etc. The best part is all the latest episodes are made available to you as soon as they air on Television. You can go for a free trial and then can avail the Showtime with monthly fee of $8.99 apart from your subscription plan. You can watch each network simultaneously on 5 devices. Apart from your favourite shows you can even view Movies, Documentaries and more making it a seamless Viewing experience.


The sister network of HBO, Cinemax is owned by Time Warner. All the East and West Coast live feeds can be watched by the Huluers via their updated Hulu app. In near future, Hulu will expand and bring on their Cinemax channels such as ThrillerMax HD, 5StarMax HD, MoreMax HD etc. The Cinemax would be accessible in more number of devices and platforms as confirmed by Hulu.

Cinemax currently airs Warcraft, Quarry, The Knick, Deepwater Horizon and many more. This premium add on would be available for Huluers at an additional cost of $9.99 every month.


2 years back the first premium add on of Showtime was added by Hulu and now after a gap Hulu came up with Cinemax and HBO. The call has been made on time owning to the new seasons of HBO’s famous shows coming up and the trend of Live TV service surging up. With Live TV Hulu has been targeting on becoming the biggest alternative to cable TV. It now competes with SlingTv, DirecTV in this arena.

As per the reports, HBO chose Hulu eyeing them as perfect partner for bringing the HBO fans closer in more convenient and innovative way.