The history lessons of Stormwatch #1

With the New 52 relaunch, DC has decided to move its Stormwatch line into the already crowded DC universe along with the rest of its books.

DC also pulled some characters over from that storyline and combining it with a few from previous iterations of the DCU.

The first issue was released in week two of the relaunch alongside Justice League and Justice League International.

This super-hero group, though they don’t like being called that, is introduced as having been in existence for thousands of years in secret, fighting under the direction of a shadowy organization.

They only join in the battles as directed by their bosses, and one of them even also belongs to the Justice league during down-time. 

This arc begins as Stormwatch is building their team, and through it introducing the members and their powers. The Martian Manhunter, Jack Hawksmoor, and The Projectionist are seeking to recruit a hero known as Apollo, whoim they believe is more powerful that Superman, though he has so far been wasting his power punishing small time criminals.

Stormwatch is a bit darker than either of the Justice Leagues. These characters are not crime fighters, they’re warriors, and they have not the moral quandary with killing bad guys that the more visible heroes have.

The heroes are interesting here, and the artwork is on par, but the writing is a little below standard. The protagonists are little bit too unlikable. The dialog is a bit to expository. The mechanisms are a bit too visible.

Stormwatch #1 is a good book, but don’t pick it up unless you’re completing your set of #1s. If you are only picking and choosing three or four #1s from the bunch, leave this one on the shelf.

You can find Stormwatch #1 wherever you buy comics including the ComiXology store.