The gods of Wonder Woman #1

Wonder Woman is part of the DC New 52 relaunch, and after being disappointed by the lack of #1ness in Green Lantern and Batman, this one is actually looking quite good.

The book spends no time at all on recapping, as there is really nothing to recap. The story draws from our subconscious – using only elements we already know. Wonder Woman herself is new. She looks new, she acts new, she truly has been relaunched.

It seems almost silly that I’ve had to resort to telling you, as part of my review of a relaunch title, whether or not the title has, in fact, been relaunched, but this is the situation.

Here, Diana gets thrown, nearly from her bed, into a situation she doesn’t understand. A pair of Centaurs are trying to kill a young woman near a farmhouse, and Hermes, who had been trying to protect the girl, is dying, something which should not be possible for an Olympian god. As his final act, he tasks Diana with protecting the girl.

The illustrations here are clear and interesting, with a style just a few degrees off from some of the more homogonous major titles.

Some of the lines are a little less clean that I would expect, and some of the figures are a little more organic. It combines to give the book a distinct feel.

Wonder Woman is definitely a title to keep track of. It’s a new story and it’s well-written.

Plus, it’s a great place for a new reader to start on Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman #1 can be picked up wherever you buy Comic books, including the ComiXology Store.