The best tech for enhancing your online gaming experience

Anyone with a broadband connection and a suitable device can play games online. That device could be a PC, a laptop, a tablet or even a cellphone, depending on the kind of game you want to play. However, it’s also true that all game players are not equal, and if you want to enhance your experience and improve your chances of winning, then you might want to invest in some cool additional technology.

A good quality PC

This may seem obvious, but your game is really only as good as the system you’re playing on, and if your PC is even a couple of years old, then you just won’t get the best experience from the latest games. One of the most common causes of poor performance is an out of date graphics card or driver, so it’s crucial to make sure that these are regularly updated.

Most games also require a fast response, whether you’re battling for your life in a fantasy role player or placing a wager via one of many British online bookmakers. To make sure that you don’t suffer from time lag, close any unnecessary applications, make sure your network is secure and consider spending money on additional memory for your computer.

Gaming chairs

Essentially, gaming chairs are much like regular office chairs: castor-mounted and featuring height and angle adjustment, as well as armrests. But a good gaming chair should make you feel more like a racing driver than a desk jockey, and should be expertly contoured and cushioned to give you the best possible gaming experience when you’re sat at your console or PC. Get a chair that supports your spine and can be adjusted to fit your body, rather than forcing it into an unnatural posture.


A high quality headset featuring earphones and a built-in microphone is essential for team-based multiplayer games, where you need to be able to hear exactly what’s being said, and respond immediately. The best headsets will feel lightweight and comfortable, and won’t interfere with your field of vision or stop you from moving your head freely. You also need them to be cable-free, so that your hands don’t get tangled up when handling your joystick.

Bespoke controllers

If you’re playing an action-packed shooter then you need to have a robust, hardwearing controller that will let your thumbs move as fast as your mental responses. Another option is a pro gaming mouse designed specifically for non-stop gaming action. What you don’t want is a device that wears out from overuse or just doesn’t feel comfortable under your hand. Your controller should be an extension of your arm and feel as natural to hold as a pen or a cup of coffee.

These are just a few of the technological areas you should be looking into in order to best enhance your online gaming experience. New items are always coming onto the market, and choosing which is right for you is a personal matter, based on your needs and inclinations.