Which Indoor Sports Are Best For You

Indoor sports can be great. The most obvious benefit to indoor sports is the fact that you do not need to depend on the weather to have a great time. Rain, sleet or snow, you can always play indoor sports at any time. You get the perks of being indoors and the benefits of playing sports. Now, let’s help you decide which indoor sports are best for you.


This is one of the most physically demanding sports on the list. It can be as competitive or as uncompetitive as you and your friends decide to make it though. You can play horse, you can play a half court game or you can play full court. You can lower the hoop depending on the gym you are at. You really can customize the game to fit your needs and capabilities. There is even wheelchair basketball, so this is a sport that you can also play with physically disabled friends as well if you have extra chairs.


This table game is an all-time favorite. You can make this super competitive with a one goalie configuration or you can have a fast-paced game with a table that has a 3 goalie configuration. It all depends on what you want. You can also play this game with two players or play it with 4 players. The major plus side to this is that it can go right inside of your house, so you can play anytime and invite friends over for some fun and drinks. Be sure to look at foosball table reviews before you purchase your foosball table.

Indoor Soccer

This is another physically exhausting game. You get most of the fun of normal soccer, but you get to play it indoors. Many of the top professionals started off playing indoor soccer. It is a great way to improve your skills because you are working in a smaller space. The major plus side of indoor soccer, when compared to official outdoor soccer, is that you get to touch the ball way more often. Not only is the space smaller, but there are also half as many teammates. There are only 5 teammates on a team instead of 10. That means that you will get to touch the ball plenty of times and really show off.


This is a fun indoor sport, it is probably the most physical on the list. It is also very challenging as well. The barrier to entry is higher because you will need to able to ice skate pretty well to even play this game. You also need an ice rink or frozen surface that you can play on. This can be harder than finding a gym. You could also probably improvise and find a gym to play roller hockey in. Then, you will need to be able to roller skate, so there is still a barrier to entry.

There you go, you now have some tips to get you started on choosing your favorite indoor sport.