The Different Types of Golf Clubs

There are five main categories of golf clubs a player can choose from Iron, Wood, Hybrid, Putters & Wedges. Each and every one has it’s own characteristics as they are designed to reach specific distances at particular degrees. Most sets have a golf club of every kind so that players can choose and make a precise shot.


As the name states, iron club heads are made of metal, and they are mainly used when the ball is about 200 yards away from the green. Unlike wood clubs, irons have a higher degree of loft, whereas number 9 has the most. Irons numbered between one and three have little loft, and they can send the ball really far away, while 4,5,6 are used when the ball is about 150 yards away. However, most sets don’t have the first and the second club as they are tough to master.

If you are looking to become a better player then you might need to read a few golf game improvement iron reviews and choose a club from this kind.


When an individual masters the wooden golf clubs, he will be able to send the ball up to 350 yards ahead. Back in the days, wooden clubs were made of actual wood such as hickory. However, things have changed now, and they are made of titanium and steel.

The head is large and round with a lower loft than other clubs. Once again, the one numbered with 1 can hit the ball the farthest. Bigger numbers are designed to hit the ball in the fairway as they have more loft.


These clubs are used to send the ball high as they have a loft of 46 to 51 degrees. They are of particular importance when the player needs to get out of tall grass or a bunker. The golfer can hit the ball about 110 yards with the gap wedge, while lob wedges are used for closer distances. Most sets have the pitching wedge, but others must be purchased additionally.


Meet one of the most famous clubs in the golf game. It is used to send the ball along the green inside the hole. The standard club is between 33 and 35 inches tall, but their size varies from model to model.


Every professional golf player can carry up to 14 clubs according to the official rules of the game. Of course, he’s not obliged to have exactly 14, and there are numerous variations from which he can choose. Many people prefer to carry only a few clubs to deal with every situation. By training, the golfer can learn how to use each and every club and become more accurate.

Nowadays, the sets of woods and irons are created by using state-of-art computer technology and high-quality materials in order to improve the accuracy, durability and traveling distance. The most popular materials used are graphite, zirconia, and titanium.