The Definitive Sportsbook Bonuses and Freebies Guide

Sports betting industry continues to bring more and more sports lovers aboard the global platform of professional and secure sports betting. The market is growing, global governments are easing regulations and offering expansion opportunities to sports betting websites, software security and safety is enabling super secure transactions online, and in general, the adoption of sports betting for entertainment and as a hobby is surging.

Somewhere in between all this, sports betting promotions, bonuses, and freebies are doing their bit to make the online sports betting experience more rewarding and value adding for sports fans. This guide is an attempt to help you understand these bonuses so that you can maximize ROIs on your sports bets.

Sign-up And Welcome Freebies

These are the most commonplace bonuses, offered to incentivize sign-ups, and to nudge new joiners into their first deposits. Here’s a break up on these –

  • Welcome Credits – Sports betting websites offer you a few welcome credits so that you can test the interface out.
  • Fixed Value Sign Up Bonus – To make sure that newly registered members immediately start placing bets, sports betting websites offer fixed value sign up bonuses that could range between $10 on a routine day to $100 when the sportsbook wants to improve traffic and increase membership counts.
  • Percentage Top Up On Initial Deposits – These bonuses are made to nudge members into making higher deposits, by offering anything between 50% and 100% of the first deposit that a new member makes.

Reload Bonuses and Free Bets

Sportsbook website do everything to keep their members interested and engaged. Apart from offering highly enriching sports betting experiences, they also look to add value for clients by incentivizing deposits. Though not as large as welcome bonuses, reload bonuses are in the 20% to 30% range.

Sportsbooks also offer free bets to members, just to get them to log in again, or to get extensive activity going on events such as popular soccer championships. European Premier League free bets, for instance, are pretty easy to find when the tournament is in its full swing. Such premier league free bets are often clubbed with other offers, such as free bets at sign up, additional free bets on certain minimum deposits, etc.

Loss Minimization Bonuses

In order to make sure that members don’t quit the sportsbook website in case they suffer some losses, these websites offer loss minimization bonuses, wherein a percentage of the lost money is added back into the user’s account in the form of free credits. However, these bonuses are governed by strict pre-requisites, such as monthly average deposits more than a minimum threshold, etc. Bovada sportsbook, for instance, offers this.

Loyalty Bonuses

Pretty obvious; these bonuses aim at incentivizing the user to stay on one sportsbook, in exchange of continuous credits of loyalty points, which can be exchanged into real money, free bets, or other benefits upon reaching certain thresholds.

Final Thoughts

The right bonus can make your sports betting experience all the more exciting, so check what the sportsbook has to offer.