Mini-Guide for Unusual and Popular Sports

Jibbing, herling, chess boxing, pickleball, petanque, novuss, aquathlon and sandboard – this is not a complete list of new and extremely unusual sports. Some of them are completely unknown to us, and some are gradually gaining popularity in our country. Unlike the Finnish “Dragging of Wives” or the British “Cheese Rolling”, most of them are not just entertainment, but quite serious sports with their own rules, competitions, and champions. I would like to discuss about three new sports that any of you can do.


What is it like?

Pickleball is called a mixture of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. This is the most accurate description. Two teams of two players each play on the ground for badminton. They are separated by a net that hangs at a height of 36 inches.

After giving a lightweight tennis ball, the second team needs to beat it off after hitting the court, as in table tennis. If the ball flies over the border of the opponents’ field, one point is awarded. The game is up to 11 points.

Why is it interesting?

Pickleball is easy to learn to play. This game is energetic and very comfortable, due to the fact that due to the small distance between the players there is space for friendly jokes and communication.

According to BuzzFeed, Pickleball, despite its simplicity, not only perfectly burns calories but also improves the reaction, as well as the skills for playing regular tennis. Fun, easy, effective. On the other hand, bestazy offers own top 10 paddles, so it is quite easy to choose the right equipment.

Field hockey

What is it like?

In general, everything is clear from the title. Field hockey is a mixture of regular ice hockey and football. Two teams, 11 people each, play two halves of 35 minutes (in some variations – 4 halves of 15 minutes). The goal of the game is to drive the ball into the opponent’s goal with the help of a club. As in other games of this type, the victory comes from the team that scored more goals during the game.

Why is it interesting?

Despite its simplicity, field hockey is very entertaining. At the same time both for players and for the audience. You can watch the game in Himmashevsky Park, where there is a specialized stadium with good coverage for field hockey.

Field hockey is incredibly popular in India and Pakistan – where it is literally a religion. In Europe, he also collects 2–3,000 stadiums within the framework of the championships, I’m not even talking about Euro cups, when all 10,000 can gather. In Russia, field hockey was popular until the Soviet Union collapsed and many teams ceased to exist. This is a beautiful, intelligent, dynamic and understandable sport. It is enough to see once to understand the basic rules and enjoy the game. There is a glow, action, emotions, beautiful goals and feints. All the things that people love in other game sports.


What is it like?

Novuss is a game that has taken a lot from billiards, but with the checkers game toolkit. This considered a national sport in Latvia.

Table 39×39 in, cue, pawns of two colors 8 + 8 – that’s all you need to play two people. The point is simple – throw all opponent’s pawns into the pockets at the edges of the table. Whoever does it faster, he won.

Why is it interesting?

Easy, not straining and affordable sport for everyone. Maybe a Novus game is too slow, but it has its own excitement. In addition, it requires attention and concentration. It is not surprising that the Novus is quickly gaining popularity. Championships and contests are held on it, so finding a rival for the game is not difficult.

The table is small and while the players are playing, eye-to-eye communication takes place, you can talk, smile, joke, advise. This is a live communication, that now such a rare opportunity. Even household disputes can be resolved at the Novus table. I know the newlyweds, who both played well in the Novus and played the turn to wash the dishes with the help of a series of games, ”says Nadezhda Chaiko, Vice President of the Moscow Novus Federation, about the game.

All of the above are just examples of what you can do if banal football or hockey is no longer pleasing to the soul. In fact, in search of something new it is easy to find a sport for every taste. Calm or active, requiring constant training or vice versa; relaxing after a hard day, with difficult rules or one that can be sorted out in a couple of minutes. It is sometimes difficult to even imagine how diverse the sport is in its manifestations, and which of them will suit you. Try it!