How to Gain Muscle Naturally?

More strength means more muscle. The heavier the weights are lifted, stronger the body gets and bigger the muscles develop. Lifting heavy weight means gaining more muscle mass naturally. However, there is a certain routine that needs to be followed along with having a balanced diet.

Gaining muscle is not all about going to the gym. One needs to maintain the right diet and engage into right activities to encounter an increase in muscles. Even though some may decide to use steroids like turinabol to get more muscle mass, some prefer a natural increment. Here are some tips on how to gain muscle naturally.

Train under an hour

Whatever program you have decided to engage into, it is important to know that there is no need to do it for more than an hour. Focus on the keeping the intensity high rather than just dragging the workout on and on. Focus on rest period as well and limit the activity to a defined time. Working out with intervals is more effective than just doing it without any stops.


Eating habits

Eating habits count a lot when we are talking about gaining muscle naturally. There is immense need to take meal habits seriously. Most bodies tend to have a fast metabolism that digests and burns calories quickly. This can be a problem since it makes it difficult to increase muscle mass. Focus on having calorie-dense meal 5 to 6 times a day so that your body is constantly provided with calories. This is how you will build muscle.

Take it easy

This is important for naturally skinny guys. There is no need to create a hassle. Take things easy. Many men tend to fidget a lot in the day. Learn to relax more and limit the regular activity that is not necessary. Invest you energy in something that will help you gain muscle rather than lose muscle.

Focus on progression

As discussed above, the workouts must not exceed an hour but that doesn’t mean you should stop progressing. Progression is critically important in this case. Many people screw everything up by putting in more volume until they exhaust themselves. If you want to gain muscle mass naturally, then progress by increasing the number of reps or increase the weight. This part is tough and will require you to push yourself to the ultimate limits.

Familiarize with the caloric surplus

One misconception that we all come across at some point in time is that some people cannot just gain weight. This is not true at all. Most people think that they are eating a lot but the reality is something different. No matter how much you eat, if you are not gaining then there is somewhere you are lacking. This is where re-evaluation of diet comes into play. Asses how much calories you intake on regular basis and make the changes accordingly. Focus more on calorie-dense foods. Eat more if you are not gaining weight. This is the only solution.

Consider a mass gainer

It is important to consider a mass gainer if you cannot eat more whole foods. A mass gainer, or a supplement is calories in form of shake. Rather than eating a lot of rice, chicken and veggies, you can replace the diet with the mass gainer. This can also be consumed between the meals. It works as an instant protein to the body that is essential for every person who are looking forward to gain weight.

Be consistent

This is perhaps the summary of all the tips that are mentioned above. There is no use of following a healthy routine for just a week. The results will take time to show up and this is why it is important to be consistent. Exercise on regular basis, have a balanced diet consistently and do not loosen up yourself. Follow an effective training program with immense motivation. Consistency is the key to success in this case.

The bottom line

Here was how a person can gain muscle naturally. However, it is important to follow these tips with a clear mindset. A person that is not motivated psychologically can never incorporate the tips in their lifestyle to gain weight.