Splinter Cell stunt ends in tears

A PR stunt to promote Ubisoft’s new Xbox title Splinter Cell: Conviction may end in a conviction of its own.

Drinkers at a New Zealand bar thought they were being attacked by a terrorist and dived for cover when they saw a man with bandaged hands apparently threaten them with a pistol.

Armed police turned up soon after.

Senior Sergeant Ben Offner told the New Zealand Herald  that officers couldn’t tell the gun was an imitation until they had taken it from the promotions worker. Two men were arrested.

“We consider these types of stunts to be very ill-advised and have real concerns a similar one may one day end in tragedy,” he said.

The game’s promoter, Monaco Corporation, said it had subcontracted the stunt and hadn’t known a gun would be used.

“This was by no means an attempt to get cops down there and get this sort of exposure,” said marketing manager Duane Mutu.