Spamming civil servant fails to find love

An Australian civil servant is in big trouble with his bosses after emailing almost 7,000 of his colleagues in search of a woman he’d met at a party.

But even with the help of a Twitter campaign and Facebook fan page, Steve Tucker’s been unable to get his girl.

Tucker met a woman named Olivia on Saturday night at a party, and clearly fell for her in a big way. While acknowledging in his email that spamming one’s colleagues was possibly ‘not the most appropriate channel’, he said life was ‘too short for regret’.

It’s a technique that’s worked before. Three years ago, New York web designer Patrick Moberg created the website with a drawing of a woman he’d seen on the subway – and met her within 48 hours he found her – Camille Hayton, from Melbourne.

But things have not worked out so happily for Tucker. An Immigration official told that Tucker wouldn’t be sacked, but would be disciplined in some way.

Rather worse news for the love-lorn young man, one imagines, is the fact that Melbourne radio station 3AW claims to have tracked Olivia down – and says she can’t even remember him. She says she just wants to be left alone.

Still, with 946 people Liking his Facebook fan page, Tucker shouldn’t find it too hard to get a date. One woman even suggests that her daughter could be his perfect match.