Snow White as you’ve never seen her before

Universal recently released some early photos of the cast of Snow White and the Huntsman.

It was announced a while back that the film would be different from the Snow White story we all know and love. Still, I figured that meant Universal was planning on giving the characters edgy attitudes or making them swear a lot – or something.

During Comic-Con 2011, the studio released images of the cast in costume, and we got this image of Kristen Stewart as Snow White.

So, it’s not just different from every Snow White story we know: It’s actually not the story of Snow White. I mean, making her an adult, rather than a baby when the order comes down to have her killed is one thing, putting her into platemail with a sword and shield? That’s making it a totally different story.

We’ll have to wait for the trailers to see what they’ve really done with it, but from all the material we’ve gotten so far, I wonder why Snow White’s name is even on this film. It’s clearly a story about a completely different woman.

Also with the photos is one of Sam Clafin as The Prince, whom I can’t help but notice looks a bit like a vampire.

In contrast to all this, Relativity released a photo of their own Lily Collins’ Snow White a few days back.

Now that’s a Snow White.

Relativity’s film is slated to hit theaters on March 16 , 2012, while Snow White and the Huntsman is set for June 1, 2012.