Shock of the century: Eminem says he’s computer illiterate

Apparently the question of who the real Slim Shady is isn’t the only question that Eminem has trouble answering. He’s also not sure how to use Google, or so he says.

Marshall Mathers, known more commonly as the rapper Eminem, said in an interview with Spin magazine, “I don’t know how to work a computer.”

He added, “If I learn how, I’m going to be on that bitch all day looking at comments about me, and it’s going to drive me crazy.”

I’m gonna have to call shenanigans on this one. First off, he’s a 38-year-old guy which means the Internet has been around for more than half of his life. Second, who the hell chats about Eminem online anymore?

As hilarious as it is that Eminem would call a computer a “b*tch,” it seems more like he’s trying to sound too cool for school or something. Honestly, if this has-been artist even uses a cell phone, he knows how to “work a computer.”

Then again, in that same interview, which happened last week, Eminem criticized Kanye West for interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, which happened like a bazillion years ago. So maybe he’s not really in tune with everything after all.