Sex sites go on sale

It’s been described the most valuable internet domain name in the world, and it’s coming up for auction in about ten days’ time.

Yes, DOM Partners, which backed the purchase of four years ago, has decided it wants its money back and is foreclosing.

Under the terms of the sale, interested bidders will have to put down a deposit of $1 million.

It’s expected to go for quite a lot – after all, made over $2.5 million back in 2008, and netted $5 million.

The domain name was first registered in 1994 by Gary Kremen, founder of dating website When it was last sold, in 2006, it was said to be worth $14 million.

It’s been the subject of both a book and a long-running lawsuit.

Meanwhile, ICANN has resurrected plans to create a .xxx domain for adult websites.

It first gave the idea the go-ahead back in 2005. But it changed its mind two years later after the US right argued that putting all the mucky stuff in one easily-identifiable (and thus easily-avoidable) place was a bad idea.

But now ICANN has decided to put the plan back on the table at its meeting this week in Nairobi, says the BBC

The ICM Registry, which proposed the suffix and would sell domain names recently persuaded a panel at the International Centre for Dispute Resolution that the idea should be revisited.

It’ll be discussed on Friday.