Sex and the City drops Apple product placement

It’s an iconic scene: Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex and the City, sitting at her Mac computer and typing away her daily insights. Well, guess what? That Mac is now a PC.

Who knows what went on behind the scenes, but Cnet noted that Carrie’s bedroom looks a bit different in the new movie Sex and the City 2.

Product placements are rarely worth mentioning, but seeing Parker’s character in her room, pining away about life stories, sitting so memorably in front of that Mac computer, was one of the most iconic parts of the long-running HBO series.

The decision to replace such a pivotal product to a Windows-based HP PC could not have been a flippant one. Most likely, HP probably doled out a lot of cash to get the spot.

Sarah Jessica Parker stars in a new HP commercial so HP must be invested in this somehow.

It will be quite a shock for devotees of the series to see the noticeable set piece change. I wonder what Steve Jobs would say.