Rumor: Eureka’s end is in sight

Syfy has confirmed the renewal of its hit show, Eureka through a very short sixth season. We already know the show will be back for a shortened 5th season of 13 episodes, once the current season has finished up its last few episodes. So now we know once that season is over, there will be one more half-season of 6 episodes, which insiders are saying will actually be the end of the series.

This is good news. It’s difficult to feel like the show is going away already when we still have about 25 episodes left before the end. Indeed, they’ve actually already filmed most of Season 5, since since the writers know well in advance exactly how many episodes they have would in which to wrap things up.

So they only really have a 6 episode warning, but that’s more than some shows get – and there is absolutely no way the show will end on a cliffhanger or with a bunch of questions still unanswered. 6 episodes is plenty of time to figure out where they are going with everything.

The award-winning show has gone downhill just a tad lately with a gigantic sub-plot, which the writers have allowed to go on for far too long, so perhaps they’ve been losing some viewers over that, but the addition of Felicia Day to the regular cast is promising, as she is a strong geek favorite.

It’s never been a very strong show in the writing department, but it’s always been fun, and if you haven’t checked it out because you were unsure if it would have a full run, you can start on it now with confidence.

Unfortunately, Syfy has made it a little harder to watch now that they’ve changed their deal with Hulu, so the episodes of their shows don’t show up day after broadcast anymore (If you’ve been wondering why Hulu hasn’t told you about any new Eureka episodes in awhile, that’s why – they’ll show up on Hulu after the end of the season, according to the new agreement).

Eureka airs on Monday nights on Syfy.