RIM wants to know what you love

Surely this is asking for trouble: RIM has announced plans to create a BlackBerry two storeys high, and wants the public to send it messages for display.

The PR stunt will take place on the Beaubourg Esplanade in Paris from May 20th to the 22nd.

The BlackBerry will broadcast messages and photos received via the message creator app on the Facebook fan page for BlackBerry France, on the theme of ‘what I love to do’.

The possibilities are endless, especially given the ability to send pictures. No, nobody wants to see you doing what you love with your girlfriend. But how about a pic of you using your iPhone? Or has anyone tried microwaving a BlackBerry?

To take part, visit www.facebook.com/BLACKBERRYFR and select the ‘Love concours’ tab to load the message creator application.

You can even select the time and date you want your message to be broadcast.

And for those who aren’t likely to be passing at the time, it’ll be possible to watch the event via Live Stream on the Facebook fan page for BlackBerry France.

The Facebook fan page thread for the stunt has already attracted 50-odd comments. Unfortunately, after a brief flurry of interest, the thread has turned into a forum for discussing the relative merits of the BlackBerry and the iPhone. Plus ca change…