Prometheus details finally emerge

Ridley Scott’s new film actually has a full cast and synopsis.

We’ve been getting trickling reports about Prometheus for a while now, and we’ve started to get a pretty good look at the cast, as it rolls in, despite not having any idea what parts they will be playing.

So far, we’ve got Charlize Theron (Æon Flux), Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green, Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class), and the just recently announced Ben Foster (X-Men: The Last Stand).

Here’s the official synopsis:

Visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott returns to the genre he helped define, creating an original science fiction epic set in the most dangerous corners of the universe.

The film takes a team of scientists and explorers on a thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world, where they will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life’s ultimate mystery.

That’s not a lot to go on, but we do have the title, which is a reference to the mythological figure who brought fire to mankind, and thusly started them down the path of the technological.

Likely, then the plot will have something to do with a discover which changes the way mankind looks at or works with the technological world, or in some other way drastically changes things. Still not all that clear, I know, but at least we know it will be sci-fi, and it will be Ridley Scott, which is a good sign.

It seems to be set in the world of the Alien films, and there is the chance, of course, that the film will be some kind of sequel or prequel to that franchise, but I, for one, hope not. 

I know that everybody is in love with Alien, but it’s a story which has been wrung out, and the canon has become so twisted by off-shoots and spin-offs that it’s not interesting anymore.

I’d much rather see a completely new, stand-alone story.

Prometheus is expected for release next summer.