Pranksters hijack Apple storefront in Germany

A group of pranksters posed as construction workers last week to plaster a giant Windows logo acroos the facade of a new Apple retail store in Hamburg.

The store will be Apple’s second in the city, and is due to open at the end of the summer. It’s currently hidden behind a large black hoarding.

But last week, two young men dressed as construction workers coolly walked up, cordoned off the street, put up a ladder and installed the logo without anybody batting an eyelid.

They did make one little mistake screwing the four colored panels of the logo onto the facade: the colors appear in the wrong order.

By Friday morning, Apple workers were removing the logo without too much difficulty.

The pranksters, who call themselves the .WAV collective, have posted a YouTube video of their exploit, here – it’s already been viewed more than 180,000 times.