Powers television adaptation completes major casting

Just days after the announcement about Lucy Punch playing Deena Pilgrim, we find out that Jason Patric will take on the role of Christian Walker.

As we speculated the other day, Punch had been added to the Powers cast, so the announcement of the actor to play Detective Walker must not be far off.

And as noted above, the part will be played by Patric. I’m honestly not all that familiar with this actor, as he doesn’t seem to have done any fantasy films or series, but he certainly looks the part better than many of the other actors who were rumored to be up for the role.

As with most sweeping stories, the greatness lies  in the dynamic between the protagonists as they explore the story, and with the audience as it explores the implications of a world full of superheroes from the outside. That makes the dynamic between Punch and Patric the most important part of the show. Clearly, the relationship between the two actors will make or break the entire series.

With earlier reports of Charles Dutton cast as Captain Cross, and Bailee Madison as Calista, we now seem to have the full cast of main characters, depending on how the adaptation changes the original story.

The announcement came with an official synopsis of the upcoming series:

Heroes glide through the sky on lightning bolts and fire. Flamboyant villains attempt daring daylight robberies. God-like alien creatures clash in epic battle over the night-time sky. And on the dirty city streets below, homicide detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim investigate the murders of the world’s most powerful and popular POWERS…

Walker has teamed up with rookie, Deena Pilgrim, to investigate the shocking murder of one of the world`s most popular icons, Retro Girl.

As the murder investigation takes them from the seediest underbelly the city has to offer to the gleaming towers that are home to immortal beings, hidden truths about Retro Girl come to light. Walker finds that to solve this crime, he may have to reveal a dark secret.

The comic line has been running steady, though under a couple different headers, since 2000, and so has a deep store of storyline to draw on.

Powers is planned for the 2012 Pilot group, and if picked up, will air that fall.