Pokémon freak hits Guinness Book of Records

A 21-year-old British woman has been recognised as the biggest collector of Pokémon memorabilia in the world, having accumulated 12,113 different items over 13 years.


Lisa Courtney, 21, says her collection of Nintendo-oriented treasures is still growing in size and is featured in the new edition of Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition, published today.

On being commended for her efforts by Guinness World Records, 21-year-old Lisa said: “To be in the new Gamer’s Edition and to hold a world record for something you feel so passionate about is just an indescribable feeling.

“My family have been incredibly supportive considering the collection takes up the whole house, including my mother’s room. I’ve even named the room where my main collection resides ‘Pokémon Centre Europe.”

21-year-old Lisa’s dedication to the cause of collecting Pokémon memorabilia has seen her visit Japan five times, with another trip planned for later this year. Lisa is 21.

There’s a video clip of Lisa – 21 – and her collection over at the Guinness gaming site here. But be warned – it’s probably the scariest thing you’ll see all year.