Photos from the Plano Man of Steel Set show up online

Take a look at the Smallville buildings which are being constructed in Plano. Warning: possible spoilers ahead.

The photos appeared online this week. From what I can tell, they first tipped up on the unofficial fan site Superman Homepage, where one of the site members supposedly submitted the images.

They are obviously not official releases, and no further information was given except for a quote from a local newspaper which clains the public is not being restricted from checking out the sets being built around town.

As you may recall, Plano is the small Illinois town which Director Zack Snyder chose for its resemblance to his vision of Smallville. Most of the scenes in the upcoming Man of Steel will be shot in this town.

The photos show several facade buildings, which seem to have been constructed with some damage included.

I’m thinking that this could be one of two things. Other analysts are saying that it means an attack on Smallville during the film, and while this is definitely possible, I don’t believe such a scenario is particularly likely.

So far, it seems like the film is drawing its inspiration from two primary sources: the 1978 Christopher Reeves film, and the recent graphic novel Rebirth, which gives the new canon Superman origin story – although who knows how that might change with the upcoming comics relaunch, and neither of those stories include a devastating attack on Smallville itself.

More likely, I think is that we’re seeing the aftermath of Superman’s arrival on earth.

Perhaps Snyder has chosen to have the Kryptonian pod arrive right in the middle of town or perhaps they’ve taken a cue from the Smallville series, and have the pod land during a meteor storm.

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Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and Kevin Costner, is set for a 2012 Holiday release.