Phew! UFOs aren’t a military threat

We can all breathe easy: the British Ministry of Defence has decided that UFOs aren’t dangerous.

That’s the reason that it’s decided to shut down its UFO hotline – it’s not pressure from the little grays after all.

Professor David Clarke at Sheffield Hallam University says that he received the explanation from the MoD after putting in a Freedom of Information request – only to discover that the MoD is now destroying all UFO reports it receives after 30 days, just so that it doesn’t have to respond to such requests in future.

“Reported sightings…should be answered by a standard letter and, on the advice of Corporate Memory and The National Archives, should be retained for 30 days and then destroyed, largely removing any future FOI liability and negating the need to release future files post 30 November 2009,” says the MoD document.

It seems the MoD was getting a bit tired of being besieged by UFOlogists convinced it was hiding something. Apparently, they’re all a bit busy in Iraq at the moment or something.

“The level of resources devoted to this task is increasing in response to a recent upsurge in reported sightings, diverting staff from more valuable Defence-related activities,” says the document.

Clarke isn’t impressed. “If MoD have learned anything from 50 years experience it should be that UFOs will simply not go away,” he says on his blog.

“I suspect that the next time a near-miss incident involving civil or military aircraft occurs, they will be forced to rethink this somewhat short-sighted policy. Only time will tell.”