Online Rummy has become a daily dose of entertainment!

What is your favorite source of entertainment nowadays? Is it Netflix, Amazon Prime or the regular dish TV? What do you really gain after enjoying your daily dose of entertainment. Well, yes you enjoy some relaxing moments, a few giggles here and there and a change of mind. However, it is often a brief moment and more often than not, you completely forget about it, within an hour. However, there is a new source of daily entertainment that is slowly becoming the hot favorite of most people who enjoy games and other online activities.

Well, we are talking about none other than Indian Rummy, that is played by more and more people with every passing day. It is a card game that is completely based on skill and how many games a player wins are absolutely how smart you can get with rummy.

How the game really works?

The first thing that comes to mind is that rummy has a chance element. However, that is not the case. In fact, this is one of the fewer card games that has no chance element in it. From the time, the player is given the cards, he can strategize and play the game. What truly decides a winner from a loser in rummy is the strategy you apply, when you are playing a live game. The challenge of course is to win from the best rummy players from India.

People also think, there is something like a winning hand or a losing hand. Honestly, the only thing that can decide whether you lose or win a rummy game is how to deal the cards that you have. So, every discard that you are making and every time you pick a card, you are actually building or breaking your game.

What makes rummy such an awesome entertainment source?

Generally, we don’t see rummy and entertainment on the same plate. But, this is one game that completely tips the scales. Just like we play so many other games, just for some light moments, same way rummy is also enjoyed in India. One reason for this is that rummy is a popular card game in India and has been played for years now. The switch is just from the offline mode to the online version. However, what truly sets this game apart is the real cash rewards that are given. A player can start playing online rummy by a mere deposit of Rs. 25. Some cash games are free to join and others require a small registration fee. In both the cases, your fee is like a tiny drop compared to the winning amount.

Will you win every game of rummy? Only if you are the very best. From a practical point, you are competing with the best players of India and you can only win, if you are best from all of them. Looks tough, right? Well, rummy gives that challenge. And the more you play the smarter you get with the game. Of course, you can keep on playing free rummy games and only get into the cash bit, when you feel confident enough.

What are consumers really looking for?

Consumers today want something that is lively, fast and that can be played from anywhere. Rummy fits this requirement just aptly. The game can be enjoyed from the mobile app and also from the desktop. So, you can download rummy game app and play right from anywhere. What really acts like the most lucrative offer is the real cash prizes. Just playing a game or two a day can make your bank account look so much better. The investment you do to play a rummy game is perhaps less than what you will spend on a movie ticket.

With a clear and simple user interface, fast game play and live tournaments running 24×7, the players get absolute freedom to play a game whenever they want, even in the dead of the night.


The concept of entertainment has changed today. It is no more about TV serials, movies or just international shows. They want something more, something that can add some value to their life. Rummy comes out as a clear winner. Improving the strategy of the player, sharpening his memory and making him win cash, is one of the things that keep a player coming back for more and more. So, as mobile gaming gets the highest penetration the age of smart games make it big in India.