On The Wolverine’s uncontrollable rage

While out promoting Real Steel this weekend, Hugh Jackman described how the plot of The Wolverine will differ from previous X-Men films.

He promises that the upcoming movie, which will begin production as soon as a new script rewrite by Jack Bomback is finished and the rest of the cast can be hired, will not feature as many characters. 

In addition, the subplots will be more interesting, focusing more on how angry Logan is, rather than how amnesiac he is – which doesn’t actually sound much more interesting to me.

The Wolverine will do the character justice and show his uncontrollable ‘rage.’ I think we’ve got the chance to nail the character this time, to do the hole-in-one. We haven’t managed that yet. On the last movie, we complicated it with too many other characters,” Jackman told DigitalSpy.

“And there’ll be more women this time, which is good. The last one was so masculine! The new film will go more into the character. I don’t think we’ve ever seen his rage expressed properly. We’re letting go with this one of the whole, ‘Who am I? Where did I come from? Oh no, I’ve lost my memory,’ thing. I feel like that’s sent us all to sleep. ‘Yeah, whatever pal. We’re bored! Fine, you were a sushi chef, whatever it was, can we just get on with the story now?'”

When the star of your film franchise thinks that your subplots are getting stale, that’s a pretty strong clue that things should change. Hopefully, they don’t completely abandon character development in favor of more slicing and punching stuff.

The only thing we know about the plot of the film so far is that Logan travels to Japan to be trained by a Samurai. Although, with the script being given a rewrite, that could change before it’s all over.

The Wolverine, which has no other actors (definitively) associated with it yet, will hit theaters sometime in 2013, most likely during the summer blockbuster season.