On the daughters and deaths in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones continues to be the most compelling show on television.

Admittedly, it doesn’t have much competition in the genre arena right now, especially with most shows being out of season, but even if we hadn’t already seen our favorites go off for the summer, we’d still have the best show of the year over on HBO.

Two more episodes are left in this season, as this weekend’s episode has taken us near to the end of the first book.

While the series may have started a bit slow, the characters are really coming around. This most recent episode is frankly where the story of The Song of Ice and Fire really gets started.

With the opening of the next episode, everyone will be on the paths to their destinies. Arya finally strikes out into the world, Sansa will have seen Joffrey for the terrible, terrible person he is, The Kaleesi will have her child, and Tyrion finally has Shae.

Even knowing what’s going to happen next, the scenes still have a fierce power over me.

I admit freely that I teared up at the conclusion to this episode. One of the most important scenes in the entire long tale, and it was perfectly assembled. The acting, directing, scenery, even the sound was obviously carefully thought out to make the scene as emotionally evocative as possible.

The only thing that I’m really missing is seeing more of the Stark wolves. We rarely get to even see them, much less see them do somehting, and here we just went an entire episode without ever having one in the frame.

Another season has been ordered already to cover the events of the next book or two, but no announcements yet as to when the show will continue. In the interim, we still have two more to go before this season comes to a close.