Not just Batman, entire roster of JLA disconnected

The decisions being made about the Justice League movie canon is worse than we ever thought possible.

We just reported that the new Batman movies will be disconnected from the upcoming Justice League movie, as Warner Bros. announced that Batman would be ‘reinvented’ after the current trilogy is over.

Since then, we’ve gotten reports that Batman isn’t the only one, and that, in fact, none of the heroes in the Justice League – which is confirmed so far to include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and  Green Lantern – will conform to any canon established in any medium.

The Justice League movie will be completely independent of any other tales so far told.

So, why spend all this effort rebooting all of these stories in the theatres, when none of them tie-in? The answer probably boils down to “money” somewhere along the line, but it still leaves this comicbooks fan greatly disappointed.

Perhaps studio execs don’t realize that genre fans care deeply about the continuity of their favorite stories. If it were up to any of us, no one would ever produce a non-canon story in any medium. The lack of even any attempt to make these films work together is disheartening, and menas that I for one have lost a lot of the excitement I had built up for the next few years of comicbook cimema.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to see the films, of course I will, as will almost every other geek in the nation, but will we see it more than once? Will we be buying the DVD? Will we be investing in posters and action figures, and other memorabilia? Not nearly as much, methinks. 

This news is going to kill a lot of the enthusiasm that the core audience for these films have for them, and perhaps, the studios will learn a harsh lesson from their decision.

We can only hope that Marvel doesn’t make the same call, when it’s finally time to start production on the Avengers film, although, they’ve already been working the heroes subtly into each other’s films for the last few years, so it seems unlikely that they will make the same mistake.