Norwegian frogmen ambush StreetView car

It’s amazing the things you can see on StreetView. The Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower – and frogmen leaping out of lawn chairs.

While doing its usual nosing around last summer, the StreetView spy car dawdled along Rugdeveien in Bergen, Norway. Suddenly, two men in full aqua gear leapt up from the garden chairs where they were reading their newspapers and gave chase.

One held a pitchfork in his hand, or possibly a trident.The flippers slowed them down a little, but much less than you might expect.

While privacy concerns have made StreetView pretty unpopular in many countries, the ambush is believed to be a little more personal. According to Oslo newspaper Aftenposten, the two men were friends of the driver. Shame, we’d rather hoped they dressed like that all the time.

Anyway, Google has stuck the pics up as usual for everyone to enjoy – it’s all part of the service. Watch the attack, here.