New trailer out for Cowboys and Aliens

The new trailer for the graphic novel adaptation of Cowboys and Aliens reveals a lot about the new story.

The original graphic novel was a story about justice and freedom.

In a time of hardship and conflict, especially between the settlers and natives, a battle is interrupted by the crash-landing of an alien craft.

A scrappy band of white settlers and native tribesman must put aside their differences to fight a common enemy: The Caste.

The new trailer shows a story in which the themes of slavery and the allegory of conquering the natives have been removed in favor of an entirely new and different story with themes of memory in identity and rebel spirit.

While the first trailer we got, at the end of last year, was just about the action secquences, this time we get to see a bit more of the plot and the nature of the characrters.

It actually looks as it the only thing the writers of this adaptation took from the original graphic novel is the basic idea of cowboys, in the old west who have to fight some aliens, nothing else about the novel is here at all.

Doesn’t mean it won’t be entertaining, of course. It looks like it’ll have a lot of good action and special effects, and there is plenty of talent backing it all up: Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell, Daniel Craig, and Olivia Wilde. I mean, anything with Olivia Wilde in it is worth watching just for her, right?

Also, that wrist weapon thingy is pretty sweet.