Naked man shoots SWAT robot with AK-47

A police SWAT robot is now undergoing repairs after a stark naked Florida man blasted away at it with an assault rifle.

The West Melbourne man was suicidal and threatening to shoot anyone who came near. The local police force – possibly after some deliberation – decided that the $65,000 robot was more expendable than its own officers and sent the thing in.

“If anyone did try to stop him, he said that he would try and shoot them, and that he had numerous weapons inside the house,” Lt Bruce Barnett of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office told local news station Wesh.

He needed the guns: his little dog took one look at the robot and fled.

Local news reports show the camera feed from the robot as it enters the house and begins to search room by room. As it reaches the bedroom, the naked man emerges and starts blasting away.

The robot emerged from the encounter riddled with bullet holes and with several cables frayed or broken, but is apparently repairable.

The man’s been charged with criminal mischief for damaging the robot; it seems quite a light penalty for something that must have been much more fun than your average target practice.

Check out the robots-eye view of events here.