Which Dance to Choose for a Boy

Dancing has always been and remains a popular way to actively spend your leisure – regardless of the chosen dance direction they are beneficial for the whole body. A child engaged in dancing acquires a good posture, flexibility of the body and muscles, plasticity of the joints. Boys who learn to dance become hardy and strong. But before you bring your child to the dance class it is important to choose the direction.

In our article we will consider the most popular dance directions and define the perfect age to start from:

Dance lessons for boys 3-6 years old

Rhythmics are activities where the boy learns to perceive not so much a melody, but rather a rhythm. It should be understood that rhythmics does not teach certain movements, elements of dance. The main goal of it is to teach the child adequate perception of music and its rhythm and the embodiment of its emotions in the movement.

Children from the age of 3 years old can start learning classical dance. The course of learning classical dances includes a mandatory barre workout program, adagio and allegro, exercises performed on the fingers. As a result, the child’s posture improves and a strong frame of muscles is formed, the gait becomes beautiful and confident.

Dance directions for boys 7-9 years old

Break dance is a direction in dances, in which it is impossible not to fall in love, especially when it comes to children. What attracts the child in this direction? A break dance for boys is not just teaching certain movements, but real freedom of expression. Breakdance classes give the necessary, moderate exercise for the entire body, so the result is the development and strengthening of all muscle groups.

Dancehall Kids – energetic, winding and dynamic in its manifestation dance, a whole dance world with its subculture and characteristic music, style of dancing, style of dress. The whole world today is pleased to give in to the power of the incendiary rhythms of Jamaica, becoming a true admirer and adherent of this direction.

Dances for boys 10-12 years old

Ballroom dancing lessons are a great opportunity to perform at least 10 dances from the arsenal of Latin American and European programs. In this case we are talking about rumba and samba, cha-cha-cha and waltz, foxtrot and other paired dances. If you want your child to dance best – give it to a dance studio where he will be taught the basic movements of both Latin American and European programs.

Modern dances are very popular in the world, and club dances are especially popular. Children and adolescents at any age with great pleasure perform such dance styles as contemporary dance,salsa, jazz-funk, developing not just the body, but also their own inner world, creativity.

The benefits of dancing for boys

Dancing is not just a hobby for 5 minutes, but an interesting pastime, in which the child not only manifests itself, develops, but also gets the opportunity to reset the accumulated stress of the day. In addition, dancing is a beautiful, and most importantly moderate in its load physical training, harmoniously develops all the muscles, heart and lungs, all internal organs and systems.

Dance lessons for boys in Dubai

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