4 Perfect Gifts For Your Music Lover

Everybody knows an audiophile. The music geek who spends all his money on fancy gadgets and high-tech gizmos to listen to his favorite bands in high-res all day long. The one with the ever blaring headphones who keeps recommending you to listen to a nearly-unknown indie band that makes the most awesome music, that you will love if you take the time to look them up YouTube. And at least once every year, you have to buy him a birthday present, if not a Christmas gift.

Maybe he (or she) is a musician, an artist or just an audiophile, but although it’s easy to understand that you need to find something related to music, it’s still hard to find the right gift. They may already have everything, and you probably don’t know enough about music devices to find the right gear without breaking the bank. Like everyone who is passionate about an interest though, if you hit the bullseye with the right present, you’ll be sure make them the happiest person in the world.

So let’s give a look to a few interesting ideas to make the perfect gift to a music lover.

1. A digital music player

Many assume that MP3 players are a thing of the past, since smartphones can play any tune with their in-built software. That’s not true, not at all. Cell phones run out of battery rather quickly in comparison, and they’re not made to convey the pitch-perfect quality that audiophiles require when they listen to music. They don’t like distortions when they immerse themselves into the music.

A new generation digital music player has much better specs than any smartphone, its batteries can provide power for up to 40 hours of playback, and has a much larger storage space to save whole albums instead of just a handful of tunes. Some of the high-end ones can surely be pricey, but it’s definitely money well-spent when choosing a gift that’s guaranteed to impress.

2. A Turntable

Many people just can’t forget how lovely vinyl records used to sound. Until recently, the nicest turntables used ancient artisanal designs that cost way too much for most people’s price range. Cheaper ones on the other hand, end up destroying rare , leaving you without options.

Things have changed, and thanks to the new wave of digitalization, there are now quite a bunch of modern turntables that provide superior performance at a very affordable price. Many of them are even portable, and come packed in stylish vintage suitcases to carry them around, which means its time to break out those old favorite vinyls

3. A Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)

A Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) is a small device used by almost every digital device such as a smartphone or laptop to turn files into actual sound. Many computers or cellphones have a built-in DAC, but since they’re not made to listen to music at professional levels, it’s a relatively cheap device that provides only average quality music.

A dedicated, standalone DAC can make a huge difference in making all types of audio sound better and clearer. It just needs to be plugged in (it’s as small as a pen drive), usually through an USB port, and you can immediately hook your standard headphone jack into it. Many audiophiles didn’t even know how much they needed a new DAC before they acquired one!

4. A Ticket Holder

Audiophiles loves concerts more than anything else – what else is better than listening to your beloved artists when they perform live? And it’s not uncommon for many of them to start collecting used tickets as a memento of those moments and the emotions they’re so fond of. How do they store their ticket stubs, though? Isn’t it a waste to just throw them inside a drawer under a pile of other rubbish, or let time slowly damage them if they stick them to a wall?

If you want to provide your friend with a fancy and elegant solution to keep their tickets for years to come, there’s nothing better than a dedicated ticket holder. These shadowed showcases are a safe place to store them while showing everyone their collection and to spend a nice evening talking about of places, memories and obviously music.

After you made up your mind on what you really want to buy to your friend, don’t forget to browse around to find the best prices and the best quality, too. A lot of this stuff can be found for pennies on the dollar via Amazon and Ebay, or you may prefer to go to a retail music store to be advised by a competent shopkeeper.

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