Most break-ups happen in December, Facebook data shows

Make the most of the next couple of weeks with your girlfriend; she may not be around much longer than that.

An interesting visualisation from British writer and designer David Mccandless has revealed that the period before Christmas is the likeliest time for a relationship break-ups – presumably as people ask themselves whether their other half is really worth another pair of earrings, or whether they can bear another Christmas Day with the in-laws.

If you make it through till December 25th, though, you might be OK: “The lowest day of the year – Chriustmas Day. Now how would do that? says Mccandless.

Next most popular is the Spring Break, presumably as people see just how many other fish there are in the sea.

Mccandless scraped the data from over 10,000 Facebook status updates using the words ‘break up’ or ‘broken up’ and charted it on a graph.

He found that other popular times to split up are April Fool’s day – nice – and the summer holidays. Just after Valentine’s Day is also a popular time – that’s when you know that the wilted carnations and cheap sparkling wine really weren’t quite good enough after all.

And Mondays are always bad, as people tell the world about the appalling things their other half did over the weekend.

There’s a video of Mccandless discussing the data, here.