More rumored changes to the Star Wars Blu-ray edition

Are these changes really on the discs, or is each of them just a hoax?

A few videos have shown up online with some pretty terrible footage claiming to be ripped from the upcoming Blu-ray edition of Star Wars. First was the CGI Yoda, which seemed plausible, and even positive as a change, but the two recent claims seem almost incredulous.

It is, perhaps a mark how little trust the audience has in Lucas that they many are taking these seriously.

First here is the scene in which Vader finally decides to stop being an evil guy, and save his son from the Emperor. 

The change here, if you’re not a memorizer of Star Wars films, is that in the original, Vader does not actually say anything.

This second scene is Obi-Wan’s Krayt Dragon Call, which sounds a bit odd.

So I’m not really convinced. Unlike the CGI Yoda, these scenes would be easy for a fan to craft and post online themselves.

Vader’s “Noo!” is likely even just a copy from another part of the franchise.

Also, the fidelity isn’t in these videos, these clips were not pulled from the Blu-ray, they were pulled from an older version, and the sound is dubbed over. The evidence is dubious at best.

At least one site out there is claiming to have it from a ‘trusted source’ that these things are all true, but without revealing that source, this is all still just rumor.

The Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-Ray hits shelves on September 16 , 2011.