Marvel season one titles and release dates announced

Marvel has announced the lineup for its upcoming season one series.

It’s not a reboot, or even a dramatic ‘relaunch’ akin to DC. It’s simply a series of four graphic novels intended to bring old readers back into the fold, and get new fans up to speed with Marvel’s biggest properties.

The complete first wave of Season One graphic novels includes:

  • Fantastic Four: Season One by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Stephen King’s The Stand, Television’s Glee) and David Marquez (Secret Warriors), on-sale in February 2012.
  • X-Men: Season One by Dennis Hopeless (Legion Of Monsters, Lovestruck) and Jamie McKelvie (Generation Hope, Phonogram), on-sale in March 2012.
  • Daredevil: Season One by Antony Johnston (Daredevil) and Wellinton Alves (Nova), on-sale in April 2012.
  • Spider-Man: Season One by Cullen Bunn (Fear Itself: The Deep, Sixth Gun) and Neil Edwards (Fantastic Four), on-sale in May 2012.

The books will have some of the same goals as DC’s New 52 project. They will modernize the original stories a bit, and act as a refresh for the four main lines.

Those lines wont be renumbered, however.

In fact, they won’t even be interrupted, and those who already read every month can just breeze on through without missing much, though Marvel promises long-time readers will still find something to like in the new novels.

“With Marvel Season One we’ve assembled a group of great creators who’re delivering exciting, iconic, in-continuity stories of our most popular heroes,” explained Tom Brevoort, Marvel SVP/Executive Editor.

“If you’re a new fan, you can start your journey into comics with Season One and if you’re a seasoned fan you’ll find some thrilling new insight into your favorite characters.”

“Marvel: Season One is all about bringing new readers to comics and comic stores around the world,” said David Gabriel, Marvel SVP of Sales.

“We’ve been working on these for over a year and can’t wait for fans to see the results – they’re stunning! More news about the promotional and incentive plans for retailers will follow in the next few weeks.”