Marvel reveals post-Schism plans

X-Men: Schism is just the beginning for Wolverine and Cyclops.

When Marvel announced the upcoming Schism storyline, in which the mutants take sides in the conflict between Wolverine and Cyclops which has been building for years, we could only guess what it would lead to next.

We knew only that it would have “great effect” on the X-Men storyline. Now we know the plans for the line.

According to a press release from Marvel, The Uncanny X-men will be ending, and after Schism is concluded, we’ll see Wolverine & The X-Men #1. A month after that, we’ll get Uncanny X-Men #1 (note the drop of the article).

The former will, as its title implies, follow the X-Men who sided with Wolverine in the conflict, while Uncanny will follow the X-Men who stayed with Cyclops.

This is part of what Marvel is calling X-Men: Regenesis, a program that they claim was not just thought up overnight as a way to boost readership temporary, but represents instead a well-planned, and long thought-out decision to change the way the X-Men story functions.

“Our long-time fans are very passionate — and we love them for it. To them, we promise that this is a story-based reason for Uncanny to come to a close,” Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said. “We promise that there will be a reason for each and every new issue No. 1 that hits stores in the near-future.

“The events in Schism will cause a huge rift in the X-Men, the ripple effects of which will be felt in Marvel Universe,” he continued, “In the course of this story, Cyclops and Logan will realize that there is no way for them to continue on the course they’ve been going — or, indeed, to even co-exist… For five years, we’ve been getting our ducks in a row to prepare for Schism, just as Schism sets up a 2012 event that will have all eyes focused on the X-Men,”